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AutoPSI database of predicted SCOP classifications

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Please click on an item to open the corresponding detail view with additional information.
Usage "PDB ID" will let you search our database for contained PDB entries (try 2akw , for instance). If you use incomplete IDs, all matching entries will be listed. Please do not use "*" or any other special character here: "2ak", for instance, will find 78 entries from 2ak0A to 2akaL in the current configuration. The "UniProt ID" option will search for UniProt sequences in the database (try Q0W8X6 for instance). "Description" will search one-line descriptions for both PDB and UniProt (try Kinase for instance).
Additional Information, Flat Files and a Tutorial are available here .

Reference: AutoPSI: A database for automatic structural classification of protein sequences and structures. Jan E. Gewehr, Fabian Birzele and Ralf Zimmer. In preparation.
Please address questions to either Jan or Fabian . Thank you!